Author Topic: HeadFi appreciation thread :P  (Read 231647 times)

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Re: HeadFi appreciation thread :P
« Reply #1005 on: April 24, 2020, 18:38 »
I think the Sony are bigger and clumsier.   My friend bought a set only to lose a piece falling into the drain as he alights from a bus.   I am sticking to my MDR-WH1000X M3, the headphone version as SQ is the most important attribute.  My MDR WF-X1000X M3 earbuds stay in my slingbag.


yeah the seal and isolation not that great with wf-1000xm3. however i do find the beyerdynamic lagoon sounding better than wh-1000xm3 after MIY calibration
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Re: HeadFi appreciation thread :P
« Reply #1006 on: May 17, 2020, 15:24 »

Got the plus version today from Amazon.

Can’t say the sound is that much different.

I guess I was setting an artificially high benchmark for the first MW07

Compared to my other cans, FOCAL Utopia and Stellia and HifiMan HE6, the MW07 was outclassed.

But compared to my Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro and Westone 3s, the MW07 fared better.

So I’m glad they’ve polished off some rough edges for the Plus model.

I’ve been using the AirPod Pros for the last few months and it has been awful for me. The rubber tips caused an irritation where the older plastic AirPod did not. Noise cancellation was good on the Pro but it wasn’t a useful feature for me.

I like the MW07plus for its better battery life.

Oh and on the subject of full sized cans, it’s odd. I recently got my HE6 out again with the Bartok and damn! I swear I love it more than the Focal flagships.

I did have to push the Bartok for max gain that Hifiman is a beast to drive.
Stereo bringing in. Will hv a listen once shop can open

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Re: HeadFi appreciation thread :P
« Reply #1007 on: May 17, 2020, 15:36 »
Austrian Made?!!
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Austrian Juicer Price of course... AKG house brand leh!


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