Author Topic: Dynaudio C1 owner reviews the B&W 805D  (Read 5173 times)

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Dynaudio C1 owner reviews the B&W 805D
« on: March 31, 2011, 16:58 »
In the review, he compares the pricier (US$7k) C1 to the cheaper 805D (US$5k).

What's the price difference like here?

How does the 805 Diamond stack up against the Dynaudio Confidence C1, my reference since late 2007? The C1 is almost as musically communicative in general, and it certainly has noticeably lower bass extension and greater dynamic impact. This will appeal greatly to those of us who crave that visceral tug that comes from the perception of sheer physical presence of large music, whether it is pop with synth-bass, power rock, or full orchestral and pipe organ material. The C1 has shockingly deep and powerful bass for a speaker of its size (at least into the upper 20Hz range in my room) and is, in a way, more musically impactful when the music program has deeper bass and dynamic content. Where the 805 Diamond takes over is in its unflappable resolution from the midbass on up. The 805 sounds just a bit faster, just a bit clearer, and just a bit more real within its range. The C1 gets imaging and the spatial context of records very well, but the 805 just gets it a tick better. As I hinted earlier, I suspect that the C1 may be a bit more forgiving about proximity to room boundaries. Incidentally, the 805 comes with dual two-layered foam port plugs; you can stuff both parts of each plug into the ports to reduce bass overhang or pull out the center of each plug and leave a donut-like surround to allow some reduced port airflow to pass through the pug's open center. I did not need to use them because I found a placement in my room that mitigated overhang and allowed very good soundstaging.

As you can tell, I loved the 805 Diamond. Its overall level of performance went well beyond its $5000 asking price. The fine level of resolution it brings to bear is almost planar-like, and it packs respectable dynamic verve that does lots of music justice. Its bass response is sufficient for many music collections and listening environments. Personally, I was beguiled by the 805's winning way of transforming records and CDs into deeply involving musical experiences. This is what it is all about for me: technical accomplishment in service to art.

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