Author Topic: tt motor ,need assistance  (Read 3047 times)

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Re: tt motor ,need assistance
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2010, 10:53 »
I used to have an NAS before and experimented with how variable force used to push start the platter affects speed with a KAB strobe. And yes, like you found out using insufficient force will result in a lower speed which sometimes does not even reach 33 or 45. As I remember it Fletcher designed it such that the motor only supplies sufficient torque to turn the platter when its already spinning so as to negate extraneous vibrations from an overpowering motor. It like a car with its engine always coupled at fourth gear - although its very difficult to move it from standing, give it a push and it gets going. Try running a car in 1st/2nd at 80kph there'll be lots of vibration but smooth at 4th/5th.
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Re: tt motor ,need assistance
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this may be the final turntable for me, i very much prefer it to the basis 2200(less realism) and tw acustic(too much colour) although i admit that my experience with other makes are limited. might add a second arm later, like an ol encounter or illustrious,something with a more weighty sound. think the two will click  :D?
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Re: tt motor ,need assistance
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get a neon test lamp to see the strobe... or a fluoro lamp like for a fish tank, not an energy saving lamp as I think they are using switched freq not 50hz
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