Author Topic: For those with a vinyl rig, how many turntables do you current own?  (Read 1101 times)

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I get the feeling that many amongst us own more than 1 turntable.

Note, for the purpose of this poll, one turntable with multiples is still considered 1 turntable. And doesn't matter if the turntable is actually being plugged in or in use.
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I have 2, but 1 is really just in storage because too lazy/too cheap to sell.

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I know quite a few turntable collectors whom have double digits tt!
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i have one only  :)

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I have 8 of which 5 are operational but 2 of those 5 are not currently setup, one is a custom DIY deck and the other an LP12 that needs the restored motor board controller reinstalled.
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TT not necessary limited to the main rig. Ideally, one for every living space where one would spend some significant time is a good aspiration

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Only have one very basic one (auto some more)🤣
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Ten Tables,

Turn around every two weeks. 2 tables at any one time.
Rest on standby;


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