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Xtremeplace Forum Rules and Regulations
« on: January 29, 2004, 07:16 »
The use of Xtremeplace Forums is subject to the following Terms & Conditions. Pls read the Forum Rules and Regulations properly before you post in the forum to avoid any inconvenience and misunderstandings.

1) DO NOT post any images or text which are pornographic or violent or otherwise inappropriate for the viewing by younger and older people alike. Words like knn, nabei etc. are not allowed.

2) DO NOT promote websites which contain inappropriate material (such as pornography).

3) DO NOT post any advertisements unless they are allowed.

4) DO NOT post text in ALL UPPER CASE. The internet community considers this to be SHOUTING and therefore discourteous.

5) The judgments or actions taken by Moderators/Administrators are for the overall benefit of all Forumers.  Moderators are not obligated to provide any explanations, although individual Mods may do so, if giving an explanation is for the overall benefit of the Forum.

6) Post your question once only. Even if you think it is relevant in several forums, you should pick the most relevant and post it there. Your question will be seen by lots of people wherever you post it. Duplicate posts will be consider as SPAM post will most likely get deleted.

7) If you have a question you wish to ask in the forums, please first check whether your question has already been answered. You can use the Search facility to do this. You may also find our FAQ may answer your question, and we encourage people to search this first.

8 ) All posts are subject to editing, moving or deletion if deemed necessary by the Moderators/Administratiors. If you find your post has 'disappeared', please first check that it hasn't been moved to a more appropriate forum before reposting or contacting moderators/Administrators.

9) Users are solely responsible for their posts, so use discretion when weighing the value of information found in the forums.

10) We encourage an exchange of opinions. If you disagree with someone's post, challenge it respectfully without attacking the individual. "Flaming" and insults, however, will not be tolerated and will be removed

11) Vulgarity and abusive language are strictly not allowed on the forum. Action will be taken against any individual with such act and ISP will be notify.

12) We find that the vast majority of forum members have no problem with the above rules. However, if any of them are broken, then Moderators/Administrators will take appropriate action to ensure the forums remain a pleasant place to visit.

13) The Xtremeplace Fourms Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Anything not expressly covered in these rules is subject to an Administrator/Moderator's approval. An Administrator and/or Moderator's word is final.
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