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DVD Questions
« on: May 13, 2002, 10:58 »
I really suck at all these tv stuff as i don't understand all the terms.

I think my latest advance must be plugging an s-video from my dvd player to the tv.   :-[

Would appreciate if you could help me out here.

(1) Home setup in Singapore
I have 2 sony tvs and 1 sharp tv.
The 2 sony tvs are connected to a toshiba and pioneer dvd players respectively and to a bosch jewel sound system.
All do not have component output as far as i know, kinda old you see.

The toshiba sucks though the pioneer plays ALMOST everything.

My Sharp TV is however a sad story.
For the size 29 inch, we bought it at 600 plus less than a year ago.
Watching TV programmes is quite ok.
But there's  flickering when i watch dvds or play my ps2.
The flickering is enough to be annoying especially at the fast action parts.

QUESTION is will getting a Shinco DVD player 8700PS gonna stop this flickering?

Or is this problem inherent to my sharp tv and less of a compatibility problem between the dvd player and tv?

(2) I will be going to aussie land for a period of 3 years and i've got to buy a dvd player so that i can watch my anime collection.

I need something that's hardy (reads everything) and is a quality product at the same time.

Though i doubt i can get a plasma tv there. Just a normal one i guess.

I've seen all tvs at home which say at the back 50-60hz.
So i guess progressive is out of the way?

Given that i'm going to aussie land, is the shinco 8700ps suitable for me?

Do i need such a "high-end" product?

Frankly the cost is OK given what i paid for my other 2 dvd players which were easily more than 600 at that time.

Thank you very much