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Dynamique Apex- a short review
« on: October 23, 2019, 14:40 »
Recently, Modular Audio posted a picture of a cable on their Facebook page, and added this comment:

"We are running-in them now and do visit us for a listen. Forewarning: This could well be the best you have heard."

The cable in question was the Dynamique Apex

Being a big advocate of the cables-do-make-a-difference camp, but having not heard of the brand before, my interest was piqued and I approached them to give a listen to the cable. After speaking to Chee and Martin, they very kindly suggested that the best way for me to evaluate the cable was to give it a try in my own system, so off I went with a rather suspicious-looking metal briefcase.

To give a idea of my system, the chain goes from CH Precision DAC to Vitus Pre to Vitus Power to Marten speakers. For the purpose of this review, the cable was connected from DAC to Pre.

Test tracks used to evaluate the cables include Yoyo Sham's moving on pedals (link here, Jacky Cheung's 她來聽我的演唱會 from 活出生命LIVE演唱會, Maggie Rogers's Alaska and Ryuichi Sakamoto's Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (the version found on his 2013 album "Three").

Reading on the construction of the cable on their website, I was a little sceptical. While the materials of the three conductors that made up the cable were all solid-core silver, two of them were coated with Rhodium and Gold, and I was worried that this will result in a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

I am happy to report that it was not the case.

The strengths of cable lies in it's separation, details and resolution. For example on moving on pedals, I picked it as a test track not only because I enjoy it, but also because the start of the track comes in with a variety of instruments. Not only was I able to pick out the individual instruments, the decay of the bells and strings were also immensely satisfying and natural. I had some cables in my system where the track became a convoluted mess, and it sounded like a rolled up ball of noise, rather than music

It similarly performed admirably on the other tracks which were tested. The "live" feeling of the concert was there for Jacky Cheung's track, the bass response was sufficiently punchy in Alaska, and the piano, cello and violin, were portrayed accurately on Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.

All in all, I found the cable to be quite a treat. It was generally quite well-balanced and I would be happy for it to be part of my system. The stereotypical "artificial" silver attributes of a cable were not present, and I believe it might have to do with the coating applied and the construction. If I had to nitpick, at the time of my listening, there were parts where the highs sounded a touch shrill, but I would attribute it to the lack of burn-in, since it had only been in use for 30-40 hours. It will also not help "tune" the system if there are already attributes that are inherent along the rest of the chain like some cables which have a really strong character of it's own.

In conclusion, the biggest praise that I could give it was that even though I was really tired coming home at 12 am due to the demands of my job, I could not stop listening, and even at the end of 2 hours, I did not feel audio fatigue (the physical fatigue is a different matter of course!). In terms of price, it is definitely not one of the cheapest, but for the performance it gives via other cables from more established brands at a similar price point, I would say this cable is well worth your consideration.

Once again, many thanks to Chee and Martin for their kind loan. I am in no way affiliated to Modular Audio, and will be happy to answer any queries via PM.

Have a great day all!