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Telos Audio Quantum Damping Pad @ Audio Basic
« on: August 22, 2019, 12:40 »
Dear Friends,

Latest product , Quantum Damping Pad from Telos Audio has arrived !

Quantum Damping is a film made of 11 different chemical materials mixed with silicone. The main components are graphene, rare earth and various materials which produce far infrared rays. Graphene is the latest invisible coating that is mainly used in military applications, especially for the production of jaw-shaped fighters, with strong shielding properties. Rare-earth is a major material mainly used in industrial, defense, metal, and optical production; this material has excellent physical properties of photo-electromagnetic. Telos has mixed these ten different chemical materials in a special proportion into the silicone to become a magical sound-tuning product (Quantum Damping).
It is very easy to use and operate the QDP; It only needs to be placed directly above or below the audio system. In order to make different QDP can be placed in different positions and angles to produce different changes in sound quality. Users can adjust the position of the device in order to get different sound-effect.
There are three different sizes of QDP, including for the smallest iPhone size B5 and A4. The smallest iPhone size is recommended for portable Port Player, while the B5 size can be used for small devices such as the network player LPS, Phono Amp, etc., and the largest A4 size can be used for CDP power stations.

Price :
$300 A4 size
$150 B5 size
$75 Handphone size

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