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REL Subwoofers user club
« on: August 15, 2019, 19:28 »
Hi All

Don't think there's a REL subs user club as yet. Wanna set this thread to discuss. If there's one already apologize. Been a big fan of RELs and been only using that throughout my hifi n HT journey. Started with the T5, then 2 T5s then went all out and got the G2, then added the S5. This is serving me for the past years and I even shipped them back to SG from HK where I bought them.

Using the G2 to add the last octave of my 2 main floorstanders, high level inputs & crossed at 30hz. It's meant to really support bottom end of the main speakers and don't call attention to itself. Though if you switched it off the soundstage just drops.

The S5 is more of the HT setup higher crossover point & LFE effect. But yeah I do switch on both when I run the full 9.2 and it's tremendous.

Any other peeps using REL?