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FS WBT-0703 Cu Copper binding Post
« on: June 11, 2019, 21:34 »
FS WBT-0703 Cu available in loose pack white or Black. set of 4pcs at $180
interested watsapps 90693001. buy the real deal. we are the authorized dealer in SG.

WBT-0703 Cu
Signal conductor made of pure copper
CE and IEC compliantnew electrical and mechanical vibration control
Free from eddy current effects
No problems with mass storage
accepts banana plugs, spades, crimped cable ends (6mm²/11AWG)
Max. constant current 30 A, admissible peak current 200 A

Less is more - WBT nextgen™ products are convincing proof of this.

The new WBT-0703 nextgen™ pole terminal preserve valuable resources of non-ferrous metals and conduct signals and sounds – not however, rather exactly for this reason - better than any other before them.

With the new WBT-0703 nextgen™ pole terminal, we have succeeded in offering the standard-bearing nextgen™ technology at an extremely attractive price. The new model is nextgen™ through and through and therefore provide faithful signal transfer and an authentic sound experience.

The signal conductor of the WBT-0703 nextgen™ pole terminal is restricted to as low metal mass as possible consisting of pure copper. This does not simply preserve valuable resources, but also eliminates losses in sound quality owing to the mass storage effect. This effect is unavoidable with larger metal masses and has a measurable influence on signal flow. The innovative geometry of the conductors in the nextgen™ pole terminals also prevents eddy currents effectively which can affect the purity of the signal. Eddy currents occur in the form of nonlinear distortion and cannot be corrected.

But the innovations by no means stop here. The form of the signal conductor doesn‘t just act again the mass storage effect and eddy currents, it has also been optimised over the course of complex tests and calculations so that the new nextgen™ pole terminal is significantly more resistant than conventional models to microvibrations through structureborne sound.
This means that nextgen™ pole terminals offer an unrivalled level of transfer safety and, in conjunction with the WBT-0718 nextgen™ impact sound interrupter, define the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Another innovation is the moment of force indicator integrated into the pole terminals. This provides an acoustic signal when there is sufficient contact pressure to the sandwich spades. It is a popular misconception that signal transfer is only at its optimum level if the maximum possible contact pressure is exerted on the contact surfaces. If these surfaces are pressed against each other too tightly, parts of the surfaces can be damaged beyond repair.

That being said, nextgen™ pole terminals give you a free choice as to contact pressure. Alongside the signal conductor, another decisive factors for the quality and long lifespan of the nextgen™ pole terminals is the interaction between the different materials.

In terms of robustness, nextgen™ pole terminals don‘t play second fiddle to classic metal models – in fact, they are far superior.