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FS : DH Cones - JUMBO Size (USA)
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:07 »
" DH Cones are ceramic stands which enhance your audio system by minimizing sound vibrations and distortions to your Stereo & Home-Theatre Equipment.

DH cones are made of high-tech ceramic material, often used in space shuttles and advanced military rockets.

They have a hardness degree of 9.5, surpassed only by diamonds.

Their design is based on the theory that the ability of materials to minimize vibrations and resonance is correlated to the hardness of the materials."

A BNIB Box-Set of 3 JUMBO DH Cones, @ S$130, similar to that pictured above.
( New is US$140.)

These are the Latest Version, with the Black Velvet on the top of each cone, embossed with the Golden Sound logo in gold-letterings, as shown above & the website below.

2 BNIB Box-Sets are available for sale.

(Diameter: 1&9/16", Height: 1&3/8")

These JUMBO cones will give you lots of ambiance and details for your components, and are most suitable for large and heavy equipment and speakers. If you have a subwoofer, place JUMBO cones under it with the pointy side up. Then sit back and relax and let JUMBO cones do wonders.

Golden Sound's JUMBO cones are best suited to large speakers or heavy equipment.  Under these components, JUMBOs offer greater dynamic range and superior air and detail.  They will also extend the soundstage and increase palpability.

Designed for truly heavy gear, we don't recommend using JUMBOs under most lightweight gear, as it may tip up the tonal balance towards brightness.  However, certain dull-sounding components that don't open up enough under other Golden Sound cones may actually benefit from a set of JUMBOs.

Website / Write-Ups / Reviews :

BNIB (Brand-New, In Box) and Excellent Condition.

Unable to post Pictures on the ad. Actual Pictures of the Set are available via Whatsapp upon request.

If You are interested, please
Whatsapp +65-82494702,
or send a PM,
or send an e-mail with your contact number to

Thank You for viewing my advertisement.  :)