Author Topic: FS : Kryna Azteca Diffuser 26 Pcs.  (Read 313 times)

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FS : Kryna Azteca Diffuser 26 Pcs.
« on: February 11, 2019, 18:12 »
Kryna Azteca Diffuser 26 Pcs.
{26 Pcs all for $550}

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The Azteca’s unique form that reminds you of pyramid contains a secret to diffuse standing wave that has harmful influence on a listening room. The pyramid structure with many steps has a slowing effect of creating reflection wave of sound through height of steps and reducing standing wave.

The pyramid-shape sloped steps with adjusted angle will improve the acoustic property of your room by diffusing sound up, down, left and right and adjusting the sound. The holographic sound that KRYNA is aiming should be achieved in any environment. Even in a listening room with different size and form, the Azteca, which is equipped with various inventions, can  draw depth, height and width of sound and can easily create holographic sound that shows natural and three dimensional sound image.

W:220×D:85×H:220mm for details.