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Re: Lyngdorf thread
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I use REW, minidsp UMIK 1 for everything

Personally, I don’t use tape measure, I use the ATR feature on rew, that measurement will take into account the latency

Next I use pink periodic noise, pull up RTA, adjust the sub levels on the fly, using DBz, to show 75db when mic is placed at MLP. But this is for individual subs. If all 4 subs are perfectly time aligned, they will sum in phase as well, with +12db gain down lower frequencies

Once all subs are aligned, all speakers are aligned, it is also good practice to align any one speaker to the 4 subs, see if they sum in phase at the XO region. Once they sum, the entire system will be time aligned. U will need to know what XO to use

Ideally, cross it at an octave above its roll off frequency, so if it rolls off at 40hz, then u cross this at 80hz. Personally, I set everything to 100hz, so subs handle everything below 100hz, this uniformed approach for XO sounds better to me. Better than having some at 60hz, some at 80hz, some at 120hz so on. Uniformed across all speakers sounded best to me

Then u give room perfect eq a “head start”... the results will be 👍🏻

Of course if u r crazy like me, then stack sub pairs are the best ! The purpose of the stack is not to bring the entire building down, but to let the system have ample headroom in cruising mode...

Then it’s a different ball game entirely...


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