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- Replacing the original SMPS with the linear power module (internal mounted). External LPM also available  in silver or black colour enclosures (recommended for 95 model). This mod it include:
Double AC filters for internal transformer as for the original toroid (analogue power).
R core transformer for best main AC noise isolation.
Most advanced regulators on market today for the best noise figures (output ripple & harmonics level under 1µV, at full load - 5A on 5v rail).
New edition LPM is based on new filtering concept, using double layers filtering capacitors.
This new LPM it dissipate through the device chassis. Added optional bipolar power module for audio board (203/103/103D, 101 models).
Integrated regulator for USB isolated interface (105/105D models). The LPM`s PCB it fit for all Oppo models: 203/205/105/105D, 103/103D, 101, 95
Remote current sensing design for best regulation at the cable connection endpoint
Extra HF filtering cell on cable connection end.
Double layers filtering capacitors, with a total of 2F for both power rails.
This last version LPM it can work well with multi-channel board in place.
Price - 350$ (400$ if isolated USB board) New LPM version for Oppo UHD 203/205 models - 300$ (only digital stage 203/205); 350$ (digital stage + audio DAC board power -  203 model)
- Improving completely the original analogue power stage on stereo board, as the filtering caps on main/digital board - DC/DC converters/PSUs). This mod it include:
Schottky all rectifier diodes, solid filtering capacities, improving the existing +/- 12v regulators.
Adding pre regulator for 5v analogue power rail, replacing all of the stock regulators for DAC chip, with ultra-low noise ones.
Improving the existing regulator for DAC`s analogue stage, improving filtering capacities for all DAC power rails.
As an alternative (very recommended for best ever results!), installing my special designed DAC PSU for the analogue power rails of the DAC chip,
and dismissing the original regulator on board. This mod option it include also improving cooling for DAC chip (add 150$).
Eventual dismissing of the headphone stage if unused, to unload the main regulators and minimise the overall inside heat dissipation.
(Sending of the main & stereo boards it is necessary for implementing this mod)
Price - 300$/450$ (-100$ if Lundahl transformers output).

- Implementing the output module. This mod it have two versions (active / passive) and it include:
1. Fully differential signal processing design (based on OPA1632), using dedicated ultra-low noise regulators (TPS) for each opamp chip.
Configuring DAC chip for 2+2 output. Special AC coupling caps configuration, for best signal transparency.
The output module is designed as a detachable approach, which it allow the user to experiment with different output circuits versions, without modifying any further on the stereo board.
A motherboard for this module, it is soldered on the stereo board, and it give access to the DAC output signals, to the +/-power lines, and to the AC coupled final outputs.
The output module experimenting board it is also available if necessary (add 50$).
Price - 350$
2. Lundahl transformers as passive output stage/module. This it mean the transformers are directly connected to the DAC chip.
No any active I/V stage, no AC coupling caps on outputs, not necessary the improvement of the analogue +/- power system, lower heat dissipation. Best ever results!
(Sending of the stereo boards it is necessary for implementing this mod).
Price 500$ (including the two Lundahl transformers price  of 350$).

- Implementing the battery powered clock board. This mod it have two versions and it include:
Centralised powered clock system for the whole device. Damping mechanical mounting for clock board, to prevent any vibrations/alteration of the clock signals.
1. Epson SAW 108Mhz clock for DAC, 27Mhz and 20Mhz Abracon oscillators for main processor, and for HDMI chip, as a standard option.
2. Unified clock oscillator (SAW 216Mhz) for DAC and main processor, with high quality frequency divider (Ghz rated class device) + 20Mhz Abracon oscillator for HDMI chip (add 50$).
(Sending of the main & stereo boards it is necessary for implementing this mod)
Price: - 250$ (standard option), 300$ (divider option)

- Improvements for the asynchronous USB interface. This mod include:
Isolated digital interface for the USB board (board fully electrical isolated from the rest of the player, including grounding).
Ultra low noise regulator replacing the original one on board. Entire board powered from its own low noise linear PSU. Replacing of the stock on board oscillators with NDK ones.
Price: 250$

- Improving the data cables shielding, as cooling for main chips, and advanced grounding are included in overall final price.

Improvements for 103/103D models also available (only digital stage).

Please take contact for customized modifications list.  Dismount and send in only the boards, then mount it back again by yourself (fully instructions included). Payment only by bank transfer.

Oppo UHD 205 multi-channel section fully improved (all XLR outputs)

Oppo UHD 205 powered by linear PSU (LPM)

Oppo UHD 203 fully improved with added stereo XLR outputs

New LPM version - double layers filtering caps, under 1µV residual ripple

Improved and isolated USB interface (only BDP105)

Sabre DAC analogue stage - ultra low noise PSU

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My latest version full upgrade for UDP205...


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