Author Topic: Roon - still happy with it?  (Read 415 times)

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Roon - still happy with it?
« on: November 02, 2019, 21:10 »
I'm wondering if long-term Roon users are still happy with it. I've just started a trial installation, and the UI is very impressive. I particularly like seeing the signal path and what's being done to the original file.

My relatively minor issues: not sure about the purpose of user profiles - just to customise views, history, favourites, etc.? Also seems like any user can delete the original music files. (But I think I can fix that as I'm running Roon in a docker on my server and I think I can set the music folder to read-only.)

The price: the lifetime licence price of US$499 is an obstacle. Yes, one could make a case that in the context of what we spend on our equipment it's quite reasonable, but in my case I feel I would essentially be paying for the slick interface. I don't particularly value being able to see the linking of artists, songs, albums, etc. in my music. It's nice, but not a must-have. I have no native Roon endpoints (yet  ;)). I have no particular interest in MQA, and I don't subscribe to any streaming service. So from my viewpoint the competition is JRiver or something like that.

My biggest concern is the lifetime licence concept (and the annual fee is too much). I worry that Roon might go off in a direction that I don't like. (Plex is a good example of a product with a lifetime licence that I think has gone in the wrong direction, or at least prioritised the wrong things.) And what happens if one day Roon shuts down? I suppose the database information stays, but I don't know how dependent it is on Roon (the company).

So not sure yet whether I'll sign up. Would appreciate any comments.

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Re: Roon - still happy with it?
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2019, 11:51 »
Been a lifer here for over 3 years....also have numerous endpoints mainly RPi and wired connections, also use ATV and ChromeCast.

I also use an i7 NUC in a fanless chassis as my main core but also have used WIn10 and MacOS systems over the years.

Streaming with multiple endpoints and being able to move playback around without stopping playlists etc is handy for me.

I'm often streaming different things in the house in different rooms as my wife also uses it.

The other streaming source I use (other than a sizeable NAS library) is Tidal Hifi/Master.

One other thing with the RPi setups using I can also stream via Spotify or jriver to the bulk of my endpoints when I want to. It also allows for RPi HATS that can be DAC's or even digital AMP's driving speakers directly or also having playback display of album and control etc - Ropieee is very. handy in this regard

Well worth the initial pain of lifetime, but if you worry its no more than a tidal subscription every year. 

There are threads in the Roon community that detail what issues there are if Roon shuts down, suggest you read more there and in the knowledge bases. and
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Re: Roon - still happy with it?
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2019, 05:43 »
I'm wondering if long-term Roon users are still happy with it. ...

Just my 2cents; If you're looking for the ultimate in Sound Quality streaming software, Roon is not it (even Audirvana sounds better). I bought into a Roon perpetual license, but I barely touch it these days because the Sound Quality difference with my native streaming software in my system is so significant. But Roon can't be beat from a meta-data handling perspective. So, unless you need some of Roon's "bells & whistles", I'd say think carefully.

Good luck in your exploration!  :)
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