Author Topic: WTS: Weiss Medea + and Weiss Man 301  (Read 353 times)

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WTS: Weiss Medea + and Weiss Man 301
« on: February 13, 2018, 23:35 »
Dear all,
Selling or thinking of selling a couple of components in my system for a potential change

WTS: Audionote DAC 4 Signature in DAC 3 Box (upgraded by Audionote certified technician)
Condition: 6/10 (slight dents and scratches)
Price: $6500 $4000 neg
Reason for selling: Trying something Different
Plays up to 24/96, RCA outputs. Optical, coaxial and bnc digital inputs. Magical midrange.

WTS: Weiss Medea + DAC with Telos Fuse, Synergistic Black and Synergistic Blue fuse
Condition: 8/10
Price: $13,000 11,000 neg

WTS: Weiss MAN 301 Streamer/Server (no DAC version) with upgrade synergistic research black fuse
Condition: 8/10
Price: $ 80005,000 neg

Take the 2 interest checks for $16,000 $13,800  :o for a state of the art source system. PLUS free powercord, and if price point is met, Kimber top-end AES/EBU Cable

Please email or PM or sms (no whatsapp) at 929612o4