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Re: Zappiti one 4k hdr media player
« Reply #300 on: February 11, 2020, 22:56 »
thanks for the detailed reply i do intend to stream from my NAS but it is good to know of the further capabilities of the Zappiti should I ever need to pop in a SATA drive inside of it. i like the idea of using a docking station but would such a device be limited to drives which are 3TB and below? the ones being sold on Zappiti's site can only read a maximum of 3TB. which kind of defeats the purpose when the player itself can handle up to 16TB per drive.

I’m not sure about your movie viewing experience but for me, I rarely run out of hard drive capacity because I usually remove a few older titles when I upload newer titles.

Don’t be tempted by this >16TB support etc etc. To me, the bigger capacity may not necessary be a good thing if the drive becomes corrupted at some point. Imagine doing a scandisk function to repair some common drive errors will take forever for such a huge capacity. IMO a 6TB hard drive is the max I will go at any one time. If you require more, just purchase another 6TB drive to top up.

I usually stream normal Blu-ray 1080p rip and store it in my NAS and stream it to my media player. For higher bitrate and file size like say a BD ISO files (full rip), I will stick with external HDD like using a docking station or even a portable USB drive to take advantage of the USB 3.0 speed.

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