Author Topic: So its been awhile, what are your opinions on the Kef R5?  (Read 202 times)

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Hi all, its been awhile since I've been online here. I found myself looking for a new pair of affordable/value for money floor-standers, and just had a listen at the Kef R5, I didn't find many reviews from the big mags on this series, so i thought i ask you guys who have heard it for your opinion. I had a listen at Funan, pretty much bad environment, open area, hard surfaces, noisy crowd. I'm not much of a pro at this, most of my listening are non-critical and usage mostly for HT/games. Cued up a youtube drum test, which on my current system B&W 603S3 had enough slam w/o the sub, crank it abit louder and the treble starts to misbehave, I was hoping that the R5 could at least match the slam/punch of the kick drums, but it sounds hollow, of course big difference is smaller living room with open windows vs open floor area of Funan, the R5 treble did seem smoother more tolerable when pushed though. Casual listening of some instrumentals seem to suggest vocals and instruments sound pretty natural.

Anyways would like to see what you guys think, I'm probably going to listen to the R7, that's the top of my budget for now. I've read good things about the Tekton Double Impact for those who like dynamics/bass. Would be interesting if anyone here has heard or bought them direct from U.S.