Author Topic: Movies you watched recently and felt strongly about  (Read 122880 times)

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Re: Movies you watched recently and felt strongly about
« Reply #480 on: August 19, 2018, 12:49 »
Den of Thieves:
I can't recall which bro recommended this, but thank you. It was a good call.

This is like a Heat lite... taking the heist element of that movie, then milking some emotion part out of it. There are also Now You See Me surprise twist parts in it, just so it does not appear to be a straight up heist movie. Does it work?
Well I chose to focus on what it does well: The action. There's plenty of surround, good fight scenes and that for me, makes up for the wooden acting and the rather unnecessary relationship angle thrown in to make the lead more 'human'. A whole chunk could have been cut out without missing a beat.

So is it a buy, rental or a skip it? I would say it's a rental at least and if it comes cheap, worth a leap of faith for action aficionados. 
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