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Affordable High End Cables from Taiwan / China
Digital Coaxial Cable

Copper Colour – BOC Coaxial Cable

Structure: coaxial structure
Origin: United States of origin material, cabling Taiwan
Conductor:5N nearly 1 mm single-crystal copper dominant body
Insulation: Each conductor PE insulation produced by US
Accessories: gold-plated RCA connectors High
Shield: The shield tin film processing

Selling at a pcs  1m ($45),   1.5m ($60)

Copper Colour – SPA silver alloy Coaxial Cable

Origin: United States of origin material, cabling Taiwan
Conductor: 5N led nearly 1 mm silver alloy body
Insulation: Each conductor PE insulation produced by US
Accessories: gold-plated RCA connectors High
Structure: 5 layer shielding and coaxial loop structure
Shield: The copper film tin film shielded from external ground handling, silver loop

Selling at a pcs 1m ($50),   1.5m ($65)

Copper Colour – COAX-BE Beryllium alloy Coaxial Cable

Coax-BE is first Beryllium solid core 75ohm coaxial cable in the world ,this cable is made from AWG 17.  -180C Cryogenic Treatment beryllium alloy solid core conductor, the sound is very nice,smooth Hi frequency ,middle range is smooth warm and very great detail, bass is fast and strong .Coax-BE has a Copper braided shielding & Aluminum foil and prevent the static from being designed .

Beryllium alloy coaxial guide the world’s first
Conductor: a square beryllium copper alloy.
Insulation: DuPont TEFLON.
Accessories: C C LightScribe R CA2.
Shield: aluminium and copper mesh shielding and anti-static treatment.
Structure: single crystal alloy crystal, single structure.
Origin: copper Origin Australia, insulators produced from DuPont

Selling at pcs 1m ($55),   1.5m ($70)

USB Cable

Furutech GT2 USB Cables (Type A-B) (new arrival)

24k Gold-Plated USB 2.0 Connectors And Silver-Plated a (Alpha) OCC Conductors.
The GT2 is a beautifully engineered and built USB 2.0 cable for enthusiasts with growing music collections on their computer hard drives looking for high performance sound.
If properly setup and implemented computer-based systems are capable of smooth and detailed sound, especially with high resolution recordings. But as with any system component you need quality, well-engineered and built USB cables to get there.

Main conductor: Silver-plated a (Alpha) OCC Conductors
Main Insulation: Special-grade high-density polyethylene
3-layer shield construction for improved noise insulation
Connectors: Furutech-engineered 24k gold-plated USB series Connectors
The best damping and insulation materials for improved frequency extension and tonal balance

Selling at a pcs 0.6m ($129),   1.2m ($159),  1.8m ($189)

HD-770 USB Cable

New high-end, high speed and loss less USB digital cable, designed for Hi End Audiophile. Using a single crystal OCC copper material, design to transfer digital and power separately for signal transferred.

Selling at 1m ($80),   1.5m ($90)

HDMI Cable

The new feature of audio resend pass allows High resolution TV via HDMI cable to send the audio directly to the A/V amplifier, it also defines input/output protocols for major 3D video formats, paving the way for true 3D gaming and 3D home theater applications, support two ways 1080p video definition, also support 4K × 2K (3840×2160p@24Hz/48bit-25Hz/36bit-30Hz/30bit or 4096×2160p@24Hz/24bit) extend the supported color space

It is specially designed for Digital Camera ,including sYCC601,Adobe RGB, AdobeYCC601,it makes the DC display more precise and real color. - 8 channels LPCM, 192 kHz, 24 bit audio transmission Blu-ray Disc video full-resolution audio Support for Super Audio CD (DSD) - Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio audio Maximum clock rate (MHz) 340 Maximum TMDS throughput per channel (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead 3.4 Maximum total TMDS throughput (Gbit/s) including 8b/10b overhead 10.2 Maximum throughput (Gbit/s) with 8b/10b overhead removed 8.16 Maximum audio throughput (Mbit/s) 36.86 Maximum color depth (bit/px.) 48 sRGB

HD-230 - High Speed HDMI with ethernet

HD-230 high-end player and professions for the design of new models by using 24 awg ofc single core copper and 4 pairs of independent TMDS shield design,even the networking backward signal sending function that carries the independent shield system, this design ensure the transmitting signal without any outer effects

Selling at a pcs  0.5m ($45),  10m ($150),  12m ($170),   15m ($200)

HD-280 - Silver Plated HDMI Cable

HD-280 is MPS flagship HDMI cable, replacing the HD-250 (red HDMI Cable) with improve the purity of the cable material

HD-280 4K HDMI Flagship cable by using 24AWG 5N ofc single core silver-plated and each pair with independent TMDS shield design, even the networking backward signal sending function that carries the independent shield system, this design ensure the transmitting signal without any outer effects. We use a very special metal housing, not only for it is elegant but durable, and it also can prevent the messy wave, the best part is our connector is made with 3μ thickness gold-plating for the highest standard in this industry. We also adds 100 Mb/s ethernet channel to allows the internet HDMI equipment and others HDMI equipment could access the sharing internet without another ethernet cable.

Selling at a pcs  1m ($75),   2m ($90),  3m ($110)

Power Cables

California Power Cable

Power cable with strong dynamic and extended middle range. Much more coherence between frequency ranges.
It can be used in logic circuits, cd players, DACs, integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and power amplifiers. It has an excellent electric shielding.

Currently only have US Plug

Selling at 1m($150),    1.5m ($165),   2m ($180)  :) :)

Copper Colour – Penny (芬尼) IV Power Cable (New Arrival)

- 99.998% 4N OFC copper from Austrialia
– PE/PVC insulation, tin film shielding
– Imported nylon finish
– US type
– COPPER COLOUR  EX-126 Series HIFI-class American standard freeze plug tail Purple copper .
Selling at a pcs  1m ($65),   1.5m ($80),   2m($95) (Gold Plug is available now  :) :)

Copper Colour – Water (维特) Power Cable

– Australia 3.8 square 99.998 purity copper conductor
– COPPER COLOUR AX-126 series alloys HIFI freezing level US standard plug tail
– Anti-vibration imported nylon mesh Seiko preparation
– Imports of PE and PVC blended insulation
– Ultra-soft elastodynamics PVC material imported body line , the line is soft and strong.
– Metal tin film was masking , dual ground design background quieter .
– 3C certification production standards GB , American Standard UL certification

Water is improved on the basis of the power cord on Penny come with more advanced and more stout conductor plug . Sound wise has some increase in high-frequency extension , low dive and fullness in reach. You will get better at the back of the blackness , voice quiet and have a density
Selling at a pcs  1m ($75),   1.5m ($90),   2m($105)
Copper Colour – MOON (夜神))III Power Cable

Conductor: 5N Copper from Australia
4.2 square of OCC
Adapter: Alloy Hi-End US Power adapter
Inner Structure: Spiral-geometry, low noise conductor
Shield: Tin mesh shielding, with vibration isolation and static-free
Manufacturing standard: 3C certification, US UL

Selling at a pcs  1m ($85),   1.5m ($100),   2m ($115)
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