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Cones / Base

For use with audio item like speakers / DACs/ amplifier etc to improve the sound quality.

Ball Bearing Cone

Holds details given is both clear and soft natural. Clear + soft + nature , these three words to describe the use of parallel , points to a lot of people want to reach the realm .

Material : Aluminum, anodized in silver or black, high-tech ceramic ball, with Screwable (supplied with M8 bolts)

Usuable height  30 mm (infinitely adjustable)
Dimensions: Ø 20 mm (top section),
Ø 30 mm ((bottom section)
(Best Performance Load:1x cone can support +- 10kg load, 3x cones support 20-30kg load, 4x cones 20-40kg load and so on....)

Set of 3 -  Selling at $45
Set of 4 - Selling at $60

Ebony Crystal Footer

Long wanted to have a footer with Crystal as footer as part of my store product. Come across this footer with Ebony and Crystal combination.

Most audiophile will know that Ebony is commonly use in hifi setup for sound improvement especially use as a footer. Even a single pcs of RAW ebony, placing at different area/angle of your system will sound differently. Some people call it 神木。 Like wise the crystal are use in this purpose. How good the sound is? Well to me i always on the neutral side. This is subjective and everyone taste is different. But the Ebony Crystal footer has good feedback from the mainland buyers

Product Description:
Are Ebony and Crystal a perfect combination?
Crystal has transparent clear  and high-frequency with smooth silky sounding, while the ebony has thick and firm natural "wood flavor" feel.  In addition, the excellent sound stage separation has made the ebony crystal a perfect combination!
Ebony Crystal footer use the free rolling crystal ball concept that allow equipment have the kinetic energy consumption absorb the vibration, which greatly enhance the shock absorbed efficiency. Pretty similar to what the FE did. The use of high purity Brazilian crystal ball not only will achieve a better high and yet will not be harsh

Strongly recommended with CD player, turntable, LP, DAC, Amplifiers, Pre-Amp  and other source!

Max weight for 3 pcs - up 80kg
Dimension - Diameter 43mm, Height 25mm

Bundle Set A (3 pcs set) - Selling at $50/set
Bundle Set B (4 pcs set) - Selling at $65/set

Wooden cones

For use in items small - medium size speakers / DACs / amplifiers etc to improve the sound quality. High Flexibility, beside can be use as standalone cone, it can be use as a base for spike.

Size: 33mm diameter
Supported weight : Up to 100KG
Material: Ebony (Black) / Rosewood (Brown)

Set of 4 - Selling at $32

S1 vibration-proof cones for speaker/audio equipment

Size: 24mm * 25mm
Material: Alloy
Package: 3pcs in a box - Selling at $33/box

B1 vibration proof cones for speaker/audio equipments

Size: 28mm * 60mm
Material: Alloy
Package: 3pcs in a box  - Selling at $45/box :)

Spikes / Bases

Use for audio equipment like Amplifier, DAC, Speakers etc to prevent vibration for better sound improvement. Can support up to 200kg of weight. Made using Stainless Steel and Black Stone material .

mini White (Spikes & Bases) upgrade with Ebony Housing

There is a significant improvement with the upgrade ebony kit, to ensure it add enough music taste and make the music playback more appealing ! Turning a CDP to be like a LP sounding and make an ordinary piano like a grand piano sounding ! As compare to the like of Japan Tilgon and some other more establish international products, the pricing is significant much cheaper.

Use for small/mini - medium size audio equipment like Amplifier, DAC, Speakers, Stand, Hifi rack etc.
Base -  (Diameter 23.5mm,  Thickness 6.5mm)
Spike - (Diameter 23.5mm,  Thickness 11mm) (Come with 3M tape)

Bundle Set A (3 pcs set) - Selling at $40/set
Bundle Set B (4 pcs set - Selling at $50/set

Black Gorilla 1 - Spikes & Bases

Use for medium size audio equipments

Base –  Selling at $8/pcs     (Diameter 39mm,  Thickness 11mm)
Spike – Selling at $10/pcs   (Diameter 39mm,  Thickness 26mm) (Come with 3M tape)
Bundle Set A (4x Bases and 4x Spikes) – Selling at $60/set with box (Save $12)

Black Gorilla 2 - Spikes & Bases

Use for medium – big size audio equipments

Base –  Selling at $9/pcs     (Diameter 49mm,  Thickness 13mm)
Spike – Selling at $14/pcs   (Diameter 49mm,  Thickness 35mm) (Come with 3M tape)
Bundle Set A (4x Bases and 4x Spikes) – Selling at $80/set with box  (Save $12)

UFO Float

UFO floating shell  component material is a high performance anti-vibration metal - magnesium alloy .  UFO float is up to 77mm in diameter can give a better stability

Sense of hearing this vibration characteristics of magnesium alloys has no metallic sound , and low-frequency is very good , with thick treble.

The vibration of the structure, using elastic suspension floating leisurely way , this way can eliminate vibrations even more thorough clean, so that portray the sound field is more delicate , more smooth contour. The sound field structured, precise positioning, three-dimensional sound image up ; The overall effect is very well balanced and what we said has upgrade the sound to another level !

They come with standard flat head and 1 spike head. For convenient to use in any setup

Load capacity: 15 kg (set of 3),  20 kg (set of 4).

Set of 3 -  Selling at $105
Set of 4 - Selling at $140
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