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Re: Smyth Research A16 Realiser discussion
« Reply #15 on: August 13, 2019, 16:31 »
looks like this is finally shipping :)

August 2019 Update:
We will begin shipping Realiser A16 units this week, and this will continue over the next several months. Since the testing procedure is quite involved we’re only expecting to ship around 10 to 20 units per week. We’ll be posting weekly updates on the numbers that have been shipped, which is intended to give backers some indication of our progress.
The A16 is being shipped with only a single operating mode and with a slightly reduced set of features, outlined below. DTS-X and Auro3D are yet to be certified. If and when these are certified, they will be available in future firmware updates. Other operating modes and features may also be introduced in the future as firmware updates.
Realiser A16 specifications, Firmware v1.0, August 2019
Analogue audio inputs/outputs
1. 16ch input + 16ch output, phono, 2.5Vrms
2. 2ch stereo input, phono, 2.5Vrms
3. 2ch tactile output, phono, 2.5Vrms (DC to 120Hz)
Digital audio inputs/outputs
1. HDMI 2.0b* input (8ch LPCM and bitstream)
2. SPDIF input (coaxial or optical) (2ch LPCM and bitstream)
3. USB 2.0 (16ch, 24bit, 96kHz LPCM) (Drivers for PC and Mac)
* : HDR10+ not supported
Headphone outputs (dual users)
1. Analogue, stereo 1/4” jack and 2ch phono
2. Digital stereo, SPDIF, 24bit @ 48kHz (coaxial and optical)
Ancillary inputs/outputs
1. HDMI 2.0b output (video pass-thru* from any HDMI input)
2. Microphone inputs (dual, for supplied binaural PRIR/HPEQ measurement microphones)
3. Headtracker input (for supplied head-tracker)
4. Set-top input (for supplied set-top IR reference)
5. Micro SD card port (for external PRIR/HPEQ file storage and firmware updates)
* : HDR10+ not supported
Audio bitstream decoding/rendering capability
1. Dolby Atmos (listening modes up to 9.1.6ch)
2. Dolby TrueHD (up to 7.1ch)
3. Dolby Digital (up to 5.1ch)
4. Dolby Digital+ (up to 7.1ch)
5. Dolby Surround upmixing to a 7.1.6ch listening mode
SVS headphone rendering capability
1. Dual users, each user can render 16 virtual loudspeakers in any spatial position
2. Individual headtracking (azimuth only) for both users simultaneously
3. Audio sources : HDMI 1 to 4 (LPCM or bitstream), USB 2.0 (up to 16ch), 16ch analogue, 2ch analogue, SPDIF coaxial or optical (LPCM or bitstream). Audio sources are common to both users.
4. All SVS processing and rendering @ 48kHz sampling rate, 32ms latency, max reverb length 0.75s
AV rendering mode
1. Analogue and digital audio inputs (USB and SPDIF) can be output via the multi-channel analogue line outputs.
2. Decoded Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital+ bitstream signals can be output via the multi-channel analogue line outputs.
Binaural room impulse response measurement (PRIR measurement)
1. 16ch synchronous measurement using internally generated excitation signals from the 16ch analogue outputs.
Headphone equalisation (HPEQ measurement)
1. Automatic headphone EQ measurement using binaural microphones
2. Manual headphone EQ using equal loudness noise bands
3. Manual headphone EQ using an external loudspeaker reference
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Re: Smyth Research A16 Realiser discussion
« Reply #16 on: August 13, 2019, 19:52 »
Looks interesting. But at usd 4000...

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Re: Smyth Research A16 Realiser discussion
« Reply #17 on: August 13, 2019, 21:50 »
well don't complain if you wanted one before it was closer to 2K at pre launch...with partial deposit.

I hope to have mine shipping soon....but I'm a little disappointed about no DTS-X at this time.

I would still like to see a user manual before finally getting full money on the table.

It's been a bloody long wait...hope its all it was when I first tried it and demo'd it.
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