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Various Power / Rectifier Tubes (New, NOS)
« on: February 17, 2017, 22:57 »
Power Tubes


Soviet 6n1n-EB(NOS) – $30/pair
This is a long life tube with generous mellow sweet sounding. Currently use in many Chinese amplifier including the Nobsound MD-10 Tube amplifier

Assorted Chinese 6P1 – $10/pair


Tung-Sol 6V6GT – $80/pair
EH 6V6GT – $80/pair
Genalex – Gold Lion 6V6GT / CV511 – $130/pair

EL34 / KT77

JJ EL34 – $70/pair
JJ EL34 II (Blue)- $90/pair
Tung-Sol EL34 – $90/pair
Mullard EL34 – No Stock
PSVANE UK-EL34 – $90/pair
Gold Lion KT77 – $150/pair

6P14 / EL84

SOVTEK EL84 – $50/pair
Mullard EL84 – $60/pair

6P3S /6L6 / 6L6GT / 6L6GC /5881 / KT66

Shuguang 6L6GC - $40/pair
SVETLANA (6L6GC ) – $80/pair
Tung-Sol KT66 – $120/pair
Genalex – Gold Lion KT66 – $140/pair

KT88 / 6550

Tung-Sol 6550 – $120/pair
EH KT88 – No Stock
JJ KT88 (Blue) – $150/pair
PSVANE UK-KT88 – No Stock
Mullard KT88 - $170/pair
Gold Lion KT88 – $180/pair


Assorted 6AD10 NOS Tube - Selling at $50/pair
This type of NOS tubes are currently use in my mini 6AD10 tube amp – APPJ PA1501A. Various brand are available from GE/RCA/Sylvanra/Zenith/Raytheon/Olymple…..

Rectificer Tubes

Sovtek 5AR4 – $40/pcs

Chatham 5R4GB NOS (by_tungsol) - $50/pcs
NOS Chatham (Tung Sol made etc) 5R4WGB in 1960's - These military spec rectifiers and they are built to last
GE 5R4GA (NOS) – $55/pcs - Brown base with long grey plate. There is a ring at the top side of the plate


RARE Sevetlana Wing C (NOS) 5C3S=5U4G – $40/pcs -Duble-Anode Rectifier tubes MADE IN USSR. With black plated
Sylvania 5U4GB (NOS) – $50/pcs - Lightning marked with square ring Straight. Come in Black base with clear green wording.
Tung-sol 5U4GB (NOS) – $50/pcs - Straight with double ring. Black base with white wording
RCA 5U4GB (NOS) – $50/pcs - Straight with double ring. Black base with white wording


Devry Tech 6X5 NOS (by Sylvania) - $30/pcs
GE 6X5GT - $40/pcs
This GE 6X5GT rectifier tube has a short bottle, black X-style plates and a side D getter. The white  on the base has the GE logo.
RCA 6X5GT (NOS) – $40/pcs - Straight plate with square ring

Beijing 6Z4 – $5/pcs
Can be use in Xiang Sheng Tube Preamp
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