Author Topic: REW questions  (Read 31248 times)

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Re: REW questions
« Reply #285 on: November 08, 2019, 08:56 »
Mine beta 26 and asio 2.14 was working perfectly on a 2012 laptop running windows 7, the moment I upgraded to windows 10, the display audio, intel HD graphics 4000 not working ! Still not working.... sigh....

Beta 27 had some issues I heard

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Re: REW questions
« Reply #286 on: November 08, 2019, 15:49 »
Anybody having problems on rew beta 26 on windows 10?

Problems I'm facing is MV -10 but for subwoofer reading is sometimes gets to be soft & loud readings.(sorry just took a snapshot from phone)

I believe the acoustic timing also have some issues.

Try resetting ASIO configuration to default, worse case reinstalling ASIO.
Highly recommend USB MIC is attached directly to laptop (not via some USB port expander).
When using REW, try to make sure it is the only app running.

I notice on my workstation, REW-ASIO will go a bit ting-tong when there are busy processes in the background (network transfer, HDD transfer, CPU busy). REW-JAVA always okay. When it go ting-tong, can hear the audio sweep got crackle and sometimes distorted. When it really go full siao-ting-tong, I have no choice but to reboot PC.
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