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A comprehensive range of good quality standard and premium cables with solid connector head and choice of adapters and accessories. Happy shopping !

Quality Standard Cables

a) High Quality 1RCA-1RCA cable OD 4.0mm with gold plated connector -  Royal metal shell. (2M) $10 per pcs :)

a) High Quality 3.5mm to Toslink Optical Cable OD5.0mm  with Gold plated connector - Chromium metal shell.
(1M) $13,  (1.5M) $14,  (2M) $15  :) :)
b) High Quality Toslink Optical Cable OD2.2mm - mold shell
(1.5M) $5
c) High Quality 3.5mm to Toslink Optical Cable OD2.2mm - mold shell
(10CM) $5

a) V1.4 High Quality HDMI cables 30AWG,OD6.0mm Purple shell with LED.  (2M) $5 :)

Premium Cables

a) Premium HDMI 2.0 Cable with 28AGW Gold Metal shell  - (1m) $15,  (2m) $17,  (3M) $20,  (5M) $25   :) :) :)

a) Premium Toslink Optical Cable OD7.0mm Titanium look shell  - (1m) $14, (1.5m) $16, (2M) $18,  (3m) $20   :) :) :)

RCA, 3.5mm
a) Premium RCA Interconnect cable OD 6.0mm with Gold Plated Connector.  per pair(1m) $25, (1.5m) $28 :) :)

b)Premium 3.5mm to 2RCA Cables OD 6.0mm with Gold Plated Connector. no Stock

Adapters and Accessories
a) HDMI Adapters
   a1) HDMI 360 Degree Swivel and Rotate Adapter - $6 :)

b) Toslink Adapters
   b1) Toslink  to Male 3.5mm Optical Jack adapter(L shape) - $5  :)
   b2) Toslink  to Male 3.5mm Optical Jack adapter (Straight) -$4  :)
   b3) Male 3.5mm to Female Toslink Optical Jack adaptor (opposite from above adapter) -$4  :)
   b4) Toslink adapter with 360 rotation- $5

c) High Quality ROHS compliance EMI Ferrites core for round Cable Clamp FilterCome in size
   c1) Use for 3-4mm thickness cables - SCRC 35B  $4 :)
   c2) Use for 5-6mm thickness cables - SCRC 70B  $4.5 :)
   c3) Use for 7-8mm thickness cables - SCRC 90B  $5.5 :)
d) 6.35mm Male to 3.5mm Female Adapter - Sell at $5
Adapter easily convert your 3.5mm connector into a 6.35mm plug.  Commonly use in Headphone with 3.5mm plug and wanted to plug into a Headphone amplifier which only has 6.35mm connection
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