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Please share your thoughts, anyone whom have heard these
The best

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where's the head and tail?

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I  listened to the new pre with remote control (RC) matched with their big power amp recently. Previously I heard them for the first time under the former local dealer. Then it was only the manual version of pre.

Coincident gear came across as fast and dynamic with tonal purity and refinement. Reminiscent of the sound from very good solid state but with better tonality, staging and layering.  The other fast sounding, dynamic and refined tubes that I have come across locally are better known, but cost a much more than the Coincident.   

The  pre-amp and phono have an outboard power supply box which  contributes to the overall quietness. But the downside is the extra rack space the power supply box eats up. 

The RC pre is more convenient to use. Non RC models have a sepearate volume pot for left and right channels. I found myself counting  "1,2,3,4,5 ...." while I clicked each channel to same volume setting every time I used them. The control set labels can also be clearer and bigger. I found them both hard to see and understand.

I am a pop-rock fan at heart, and I like a BIG sound. The Coincidents surprised with decent PRaT and big staging when playing fast paced rock. Not surprising with tubes, the tone of violins on chamber music was beautifully rendered.   

This make is well worth auditioning when in the market for fast amps.  Provided have the space for them (big and heavy, multiple boxes per component).  Made in Canada, and built to last.

Externally they look shiny and strong with all metal chassis. No mistaking that these look and sound like serious audio gear. Complete with tube glow and tube heat. 

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Had a Dynamo 34SE and IMO it sounded so good that i am really amaze by it. But you need high sensitivity speaker for the amp to show magic. Have the opportunity to listen to the monoblock setup in the ex local SG and seriously it was a huge disappointment when he demoed to me using a puny lousy CDP. The turntable setup sounded better but still not optimize which is a shame imo as they fail to unleash the full potential of this Conincident. A close kaki whom had 300B Frankenstein with Esoteric source was damn good, all the dynamics, transparency and speed is awesome and you thought it is a solid state setup.

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    Long-time Coincident user here.
Coincident products were what had me get off the upgrade itch in this crazy hobby, and I do mean crazy, for all the time and money I had invested in the past 45 years.
This thread was what started me off the merry-go-round. Out of curiosity, I looked up what may be found online about this preamplifier and found nothing but high praise for it. Then I discovered a website started by Arthur Salvatore and for the next few hours read what he wrote about his experience with Coincidents and his philosophy and take on the high-end.
Heuer is correct in his assertion that these products were fast-sounding, with dynamics, weight and most importantly, tone colors;sorry for side-tracking.
Up till that moment in time, I had been a transistor person. I had tried top model separates from the likes of Krell and Soulution, even the Antileons from Gryphon. These always were Band-Aid improvements, I would be impressed for a few months and then dissatisfaction would come upon me-another happy buyer with his new toy(mine!) on A'gon used product section.
After I read what Mr Salvatore wrote about these superlative products, I decided to take the plunge. I ordered a Coincident Pre and Dragons sound unheard. And I patiently waited while Israel shipped them to me. I figured I had nothing to lose, if I didn't like them, I could sell them on A'gon at some loss( at the Coincident price-points-they are very competitively priced-it's nothing compared to the kind of money I had"lost" over the years.
On the day the boxes arrived, Israel sent me an email. He emphasized that both the pre and monoblocks would take at least 200 to break in. Bummer! But I'm used to these "rituals" so inherent in this hobby. I unpacked( no small undertaking, this stuff is heavy), positioned them, hooked them up to my cheaper Esoteric DV50, put a disc in and pressed repeat. It was thus so for 2 weeks, at a low spl,intermittently coming in to listen 5 minutes a day, checking in on the progress.
   Forward 2 weeks later, enuff said. I was shocked at how controlled and fast the bass got, and clean and pristine highs. Tonal saturation was the best I have heard, in any home,showroom or show. Separation was unbelievable. Like I intimated enuff said, I'm truly humbled.
I decided then to order the Statement phonostage from Coincident.
I had ditched vinyl in favour of digital many years ago, but found myself steering more and more towards the audiophile/jazz/vocals, that I found now that I hate. When the Statement phono arrived and had burnt in, I found that I was digging very much into my Lp collection, which fortunately enough I didn't sell. I like rock by nature, and wow, all I can say is that this phonostage rekindled my actual love.
People in Singapore are so privileged, they have systems where there are dealers showcasing them, don't miss this chance as I read there is an MO going on now. I bought mine blind, but have since put together another system consisting of the Turbo 845SE and Coincident speakers. Sources are all analog now but I occasionally still use my APL-modded Esoteric for digital.
No affiliation to the dealers in Asia, just one satisfied pair of ears


System 1: recently upgraded to the Continuum Caliburn
                Coincident Statement Phono
                Coincident Statement Pre non RC
                Coincident Dragon MKii monos
                Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF

System 2 : Coincident Turbo SE
                 Coincident Pure reference Extreme
                 Ayon S5
                 VPI Classic Direct drive

Coincident Cables throughout.

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