Author Topic: Loudness Wars abating?  (Read 424 times)

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Loudness Wars abating?
« on: January 10, 2016, 08:27 »
Excellent coverage from the BBC on the Loundness War… finally getting the mainstream attention it deserves… with an interesting concluding commentary :)

Scientific studies show that the loudness of hit records kept increasing from about 1989 to around 2004. After that, the increase in loudness seems to have slowed. It is hard to be sure that the war is over, but there does at least seem to have been a ceasefire.

The move from downloading tracks and buying CDs, to listening to streaming services such as Spotify, seems likely to change things for the better.
Streaming services are usually set so that every music track appears to be equally loud. This means that if a music track is overly compressed while it is being recorded, to make it seem louder, once it is passed through the streaming service, the loudness advantage will be gone, and all that would be left is the nasty distortion.

The incentive for ever louder tracks may soon disappear.

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