Author Topic: which front speaker toe-in angle gave u the best HT experience?  (Read 1067 times)

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Re: which front speaker toe-in angle gave u the best HT experience?
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i think mine is close to C, and rear speakers firing towards a point in front of me.

Often, too much toe-in for both front and rear speakers can result in poorer front-to-back soundstaging integration.

Meaning - sound imaging don't manifest between front-left to rear-left channel, and between front-right to rear-right channel.

Thankful for the super useful inputs jerome & talking about this! :) Super impt area you brought up on on how surrounds/ fronts angling together will affect front-to-back soundstaging integration/ seamlessness.

I can't agree with you more how the different toe-in angles affects the front-to-back. I've been trying various angles recently and it's interesting to revisit thoroughly how each angle affects the front-to-back integration to get a seamless sound and good immersion.

So far, in my room with my speakers, I like the combi of fronts C + surrounds B1/C1, for front-to-back integration .

Thinking aloud, is the "intersection point for the main sound path between front and surrounds" a key factor for front-to-back integration?

I've updated the thread to include surrounds toe-in angling and how it affects the integration between frontal sound field and surrounds! :) looking fwd to learn from everyone and see how we can optimise our HT to sound better, without additional cost. Keep the inputs coming guys!  :)

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