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Re: Line Magnetic
« Reply #150 on: June 27, 2018, 23:58 »
Hope to revive this thread and get some discussion going on line magnetic amps.

Any lm219ia users here that are into tube rolling? Hope to find out ur impressions on your choice combination of 845s and 300bs ☺

Hi there

Thanks for reviving the thread.  I have a lm219ia and rolled the following:
Pre-amp / 12ax7 - telefuncken smooth (big big sound, smooth) / telefuncken ribbed (slightly less big, more sparkle).  These were NOS (although who knows) that I bought for 110+ for each pair from a forum resident.
IMHO - the best value upgrade

Power-amp / Elrog 845 and 300b.  This was a really large investment but it turned the 219 into quite a different level of amp altogether.  The spaciousness, holographic nature of the sound (once burned in) really blew me away.  However - very expensive and not very value for money.  Not sure what I was thinking when i forked out the cash.

It is connected to my Linn Sondek TT, and a DAC to my computer where it is the sound system for my home theatre system.  Movies are not the same when you play the soundtrack through the 219ia!

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Re: Line Magnetic
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why is it so dam  hard to obsoleted this turning pieces of equipment ?