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RCA to Balance
« on: March 22, 2003, 14:43 »
I also post it in Echo loft but I think here respons will be faster...

many of ppls I believe are using a tube pre amp with a SS power amp to get the best of both world~~tube warm and musicial sound,with a SS bass control and dynamic..

and also,most of us know that Balance connection can use longer length of cable and thats why most of the "higher" end SS power amp come with a Balance(XLR) input,so that we can use very long pre to power interconnector..

so the problem now is that most of the tube pre amp dont have a balance output ,other then ARC,BAT and Sonic frontier I cant think of other pre-amp povide a Balance output.

I am thinking of using a long (6m) Pre to power Interconnent for my CAT MK3 to Krell  FPB 200,but was worry about how the Long RCA cable will affect the sound.also I am think of trying out the Balance input of my FPB 200 ( the Balance connector sure look more secure and better contact then the RCA type)

I found this in the net.

it is from Jensen-transformers and the Spec look good,able to solve my problem of wanna try out the long Balance interconnector,if I order a RCA in and XLR out version from them....

it also act as a Isolator between my preamp and power amp which provides over 100dB of common mode isolation at 60Hz...(To be honect,I dont know what does it mean...   ;D ,maybe some expert can explain to me.....  :)  ...)

and since Jeff Roland also using input and output(?) Jensen-transformers in his pre amp,I believe it wouldnt sound bad......

wonder anyone here did try this  before?and what is your opinion of using this type of Equirment between Pre and Power..

Thanks in advance.


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Re: RCA to Balance
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2003, 16:04 »
Hi Happened to see your mail.  I am no expert in this field, equally blur like you on the technical aspect.  But there is a product used in the pro field that interfaces between balanced and unbalanced, eg. consumer AV receiver to pro used multi channel power amplifiers.  It's called interface amplifier.  Check out the site for Symetrix model 303.


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