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Rules of the Sales Forum
« on: January 29, 2004, 07:27 »

1) For those "Want To Buy/Sell" post, pls state your sale item(s) and condition(s) clearly in the subject heading and in the main content field to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

For e.g. under the subject header (note: sales ad will be subjected to removal without notice. If you do not want your sales thread to be removed, please follow the rules)

- WTS*: Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player (This is acceptable)
- FS**: Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player (This is acceptable)
- WTB***: Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player (This is acceptable)
- LF (Looking for): Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Player (This is acceptable)

* - denote WANT TO SELL
** - denote FOR SALE
*** - denote WANT TO BUY

- Take all for $80 only (This is unacceptable)
- Lelong Lelong...! (This is unacceptable)
- VFM (This is unacceptable)
- Misc items for sale
(This is unacceptable)
- Moving out sale (This is unacceptable)
- Giving up my hobby! (This is unacceptable)
- HT items for sale (This is unacceptable)
- Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! (This is unacceptable)

2) No soliciting allowed - e.g. those interested to buy DVDs, D5/D9, CDs, software, PS2 games etc, give me your titles.

3) No sale of obscene and unlicensed materials (Publications, Video Tapes / Disc and Software etc.) is allowed in this forum.

4) No multiple/cross-postings of similar content is allowed. Thread will be deleted immediately without prior notice.

5) Irrelevant topics will be deleted without prior notice. Pls refrain from posting just to test market price or ask about pricing!! However we do allow 'MWTS' posting to be posted provided there is a minimum price stated in the sales ad.

6) Seller is strongly advised to indicate the selling price of the sales item(s), if price indication is not possible at the point of posting, you will need to provide minimally a contact number (e.g. mobile phone), an email address for any correspondence. Bottom line is to state clearly the preferred mode of communication.

7) Sales ad that require user to visit another forum, website (seller's own website) or e-commerce portals outside of Singapore will be removed w/o prior notice.


Buyers beware - Sales Planets are meant to facilitate sales among forumers. Moderators cannot be expected to monitor originality and quality of the products on sale. Buyers and sellers are also expected to resolve any forms of disputes pertaining to their transactions as XtremePlace will not hold any proprietary responsibility in the event of a dispute between buyers and sellers.

The primary objective of this board is to make it easy for forumers to trade items between one another. Please abide to the objective. Those who fail to comply to the abovementioned rules and regulations will have their ads removed/locked.

Last but not least, Xtremeplace reserves the rights to  edit/remove any post without prior notice.
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