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Planet Movies & TV / Re: Guess the movie..
« Last post by desray on Today at 13:39 »
The first one is so I decided to consult google by typing in the following search strings, "coffee with diamonds movie theme".

A few movies surfaced. There are:

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
2. Gentlemen prefer blondes
3. The Pink Panther
4. Pretty Woman
5. Blood and Wine
6. Even Titanic?!
7. Affairs of the necklace
8. Moulin Rouge
9. How to lose a guy in 10 days
10. Ocean 13

Which one to pick??? Ocean 13?

Another midnight marathon Room EQ with room perfect last night. The new algorithm seems to be taking longer to measure , it took almost 2 hours to complete to 100%,

The new software has lotsa flexibility now, allows me to adjust the gains before EQ. I put in a -9db gain adjustment on the lyngdorf trim settings before eq. Lowering the subwoofer levels to match the mains pre-eq, at the same time , to provide the necessary headroom in the digital domain

There is also another feature, it allows for Upper frequencies of LFE to be handled by the mains, frequencies from 120-200hz in LFE to be handled by mains. I suppose some of the recordings in LFE has content on upper midbass. But I didn’t use that feature

Will share some of the graphs pre-Eq vs post eq when I have some time
Hi Everyone,

We are having a clearance of demo sets and other various equipments,

Proj-Ject Audio turntables, DACs and accessories.

We also have some amplifiers and preamps from Cambridge and Rotel. All subject to availability. NO RSERVE. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

Head down to our showroom at Funan Mall #04-09.

6th April LAST DAY.

Call/WhatsApp 92995nine3three for more information.

Thank you and stay safe.
Planet Audio / Re: dCS Vivaldi Thread
« Last post by Doggie Howser on Today at 10:40 »
I’ve been “borrowing” the Bartok from work over the weekend.

I actually love how well the Utopias work with the Bartok. I’m using Heimdahl2 headphone cables with the XLR 4 pin. Just made the swap last night. I was using the Focal Stellia initially but there’s a harshness with the Stellia I didn’t like. I kept thinking it would be great using the Bartok with a tube headphone amp. But switching to the Utopias, the harshness was gone. And I felt the Bartok was revealing more from the Utopias than I’d heard with the Stellias. In fact way more than my other DAC combos. I’m trying to run in the Stellias more. Hopefully that will get closer to the Utopias.

I might need to “borrow” the DAVE home to compare to the Bartok but I’ll need a streamer.
Sorry, what's your point? ... ...
What i meant is that, the final price that u pay, may be lesser than the smaller one, becos there are other components in ur order may be not on par with the smaller one. And this is the smaller part that folks tends to overlook, thinking that they got the best deal, unless... they really know what they're buying.
Of course, the last part may not apply to u as u may hv clear idea how much u saved, could be due to some sacrifice on other components of the smaller one.
Sorry, what's your point? It is not a surprise if larger screen laptops cost more than smaller, simply because manufacturing and shipping costs would be higher... else you can compare 13 inch to 15 inch too. In some cases, the larger chassis also allows upgradability.

My point was that there are 17 inch models available which are cheaper than 15 inch if size is really what you are after.

For my alienware, it was because I was happy with a 60hz screen rather than 144hz screen, and they didn't offer this lower spec option for 15 inch. Color gamut and resolution was the same. I recall I ended up spending >$300 less for 17 inch vs 15 inch, and I am connecting my laptop to a monitor anyway.. can always use that money to upgrade the monitor if I really wanted the 144hz. So if simply comparing lowest spec 15 inch to lowest spec 17 inch.. 17 inch is cheaper.
Planet Audio Equipment Sales / WTS: Line Magnetic LM219ia
« Last post by matty on Today at 09:38 »
Beautiful silver hammertone finish
Two power transformers for true dual mono design
24 watt Single Ended Class A
Solid build, Point to Point hand soldered

All tube integrated with stock:
845 output tubes
310A and 300B double stage driver tubes &
psvane 12ax7 tubes

Pre-amp input.
Adjustable bias via built in meters.
Power output via meters.
Remote control.
4, 8 and 16 ohm taps.
Negative feedback (min & max option).
Comes with a tube cage.
Dimensions: (W x D x H = 430 x 430 x 400 mm)
Asking $3.8k
Deal in Toa Payoh
(above 50kg, bring trolley)

For Photos and more info pls click below :
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