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Planet Disc Sales / Many Lps for sale
« Last post by circumspect on Today at 02:44 »
1/2 price whewn you buy at least 3
Planet Home Theater / Re: Emotiva Owners
« Last post by Bongteo on Today at 01:41 »
From emotiva after I email them:

Thank you for your interest in our XMC-2 upgrade program. Our first batch of units have sold out and our next availability will be in November. Please follow the link below to add your information to be notified when our next round of upgrade opens.

Thank you,

Kayla Babcock
Administrative Assistant

Office: 615-790-6754
Planet Home Theater Equipment Sales / AM dual core
« Last post by econav on Today at 00:22 »
Brand new inbox , used once for a home demo / compare with min DSP, Retail $1k +, if keen give a an offer or trade as is just laying there.
Whatsapp 96387418 to arrange.
Onkyo TX-SR707 7.2-Channel Home Theater Receiver. THX Select2 Plus Certified. 100 watts x 7 into 8 ohms
$230. Used set. With remote. No other accessories. Not for fussy buyer. Contact 97852285

Acoustic Energy Aesprit 309 speakers. Wood veneer finish. Good working condition. $280. Contact 97852285

Planet Audio Equipment Sales / ATC - CD2
« Last post by Steed on October 18, 2019, 23:33 »
For more details please refer to this link:

     With 1m/pair Duelund Interconnect Free
(OCBC Visa 6/12 mths Installment Plan 0 interest)

Stock Available at:
                     Blk34 Upper Cross Street
                     #02-152  Singapore 050034
                     Tel: +65 6533 2968
Opening Hrs: Mon,Tue,Thu & Fri 12:00 to 8pm
                     Wed-12:00 to 7pm
                     Sat - 12:00 to 7.30pm
                     Close on Sunday & Public Holidays

If interested, please contact:
 Robert @ 92383607 (whatsapp)

* ATC Products                * GML Full Range Spk 
* Audiobyte                      * Line Magnetic
* Aurealis IEM & Cable    * Mundorf  Products
* CD Pro2                        * Mytek
* Duelund Products           * Neotech Cable
* Fostex                            * Pavane Tube
* Furutech Products           * Rockna Dac
*German Hi End Cable       * Verictum Tweaking
* Mutec
              Thanks For Your Viewing
Faq On Audio / Re: Please advice! Hum issues!
« Last post by terfyo on October 18, 2019, 23:08 »
i do have a balanced transformer which i have custom made by Koba in Chinatown.
the transformer helps with approximately -200mV from the reading purely from the socket.
Any ways to kinda like, remove this problem of the AC?
Faq On Audio / Re: Please advice! Hum issues!
« Last post by Boxerfan88 on October 18, 2019, 23:05 »
use a 240v-240v isolation transformer?

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Faq On Audio / Re: Please advice! Hum issues!
« Last post by terfyo on October 18, 2019, 23:00 »
as long as there is an IC connected to another equipment that is ground, it is safe to lift the ground from the power amp.

oh btw, i have recently bought the EMI Power Line Tester from an MO and realized that when my airconditioner is not turned on, the reading shows 450mV there about. However, when my AC is turned on, with the compressor cut in, the reading is 1,500mV.
That is some real noise there. I have tested almost every other socket in the house and am getting about the same reading.
I'm using the Starmex Inverter system.

Anybody got any ideas on how to reduce the noise injection into the power line when the AC is running?

Planet Home Theater / Re: Audyssey Calibration Workshop 2019 (3rd-Run)...
« Last post by desray on October 18, 2019, 22:43 »
Hi Desray,

If Morgan is ok i can join your at his place. If not convenience you place at Yishun will he good.


PS: My place not fully equip yet, therefore will not be able to run the session.

Ok noted.

Let's go to Morgan's place then. Morgan, pls send your full address to me and ecpaye via PM. Time will be around 2.30pm. Morgan, how big is your place? if you are able to accomodate more members to join in the session, do sound out here. Otherwise, only myself and ecpaye will be there.

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