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Planet Audio Equipment Sales / WTS stereo setup and accessories
« Last post by wmania on Today at 08:53 »
I am selling my current sound setup to explore a new direction.

1. Naim CDS3 CDP + XPS2(upgraded to DR), includes Black Burndy cable and Chord DIN-RCA cable - 7,500
    Naim Powerline Power Cord in US head - 550

2. Octave HP700 preamp upgraded with XLR transformer input - 9,000

3. Sonus Faber Electa Amator 1 w/o stands - 5,200

4. Mark Levinson No.32 Preamp w/o phono input - 13,800

5. Mark Levinson No.432 Power Amp - 5,000

6. Purist Audio Venustas XLR IC - 900

7. Audioquest NRGZ3 Power Cord - 250(Reserved)

8. Acoustic Revive RR77 Pulse Generator - 150

PM or sms 9zero68783one for details and photos.
Planet Home Theater / Re: Nord Acoustics Products
« Last post by ronildoq on Today at 08:45 »
This one looks impressive !

Amir from ASR has done the review

Looks pretty good !

That’s the hypex1200 with the 1ET400 amplifier modules, the measurements looks promising, this will be the one to get for me... LCR... hand itchy! Hahaha

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Planet Home Theater / Re: Lyngdorf thread
« Last post by ronildoq on Today at 08:38 »
Finally, part of the journey is the end.... never been happier. I’ve come a Long way. To date, this is the best EQ I’ve done in years, in a living room, it can’t get any better than this

Below are the numbers from my rew measurements , compression test completed, with all 8 subwoofers measured at reference -10mv on LFE

The above will tell you that at 9hz reference levels, SPLs are hitting 114.8db, no compression.

Damn that gush of energy at 9hz... no fatigue at all, midbass continues to pound at 100db, it also tells u the house curve I’m using, a rising curve of 15db down to the Lowest frequency at 9hz , from 100hz. the above is with 8 woofers, 4 from seas 10” pushing with speed and Attack at midbass, supported by the depth from seatons , very clean sounding , the numbers don’t lie, can be confirmed with measurements below

Now look at the spectrogram above, at peak 115db 9hz, all bass decays from 35-100hz in less than 200ms, except for the one from 50-60, that’s not too bad, decays at less than 300ms. (Kitchen area, no choice) What this means is that frequencies in this range 50-60hz, stays on and linger slightly longer, the magic sauce here is the house curve and EQ methodology with timing, lower SPLs at 100hz. Remember this is 8 subwoofers placed at different locations in the living room. This is mighty impressive to me, and all 8 sums up with mains, surrounds and centre nicely. I didn’t bother verifying with Atmos speakers. I know it will sum after time alignment

The below numbers are the distortion figures at peak 115db, 13hz registering the highest distortion at 8.2%. It’s the second harmonics and the least audible and least offensive of distortions

The rest of the frequencies with distortions less than 1%, 9hz is about 4%, as can be seen from the graph. The one on Y axis is the %, the black line is the focus here for Total Harmonic Distortion. Maybe I can improve the resolution on the graph so folks can see better

This weekend, deep bass testing.... midbass passed ! Very very good, the balance is there now

Demo session starting 1st sept Sunday

2-5.30pm with close friends

3) Wechnivag
4) Ralfale
5) WIM

Wait for my friends to feedback, then, Next round demo again probably 3rd week sept, stay tuned. (It will be a Sunday 2-5pm) I’ll post the dates and reserve the slots for those who have requested and confirmed. Please bear with me, and don’t worry, I’m here to share

PS:// U will notice I didn’t bother posting frequencies response graph ;)

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Planet Mass Order / MO : IMR RAH triple hybrid Planar IEM
« Last post by Yubaba on Today at 08:35 »
Hello All

This company has been creating value for money IEM for headfi lovers, now there is soft launch for this latest IEM.

The more people commit to buy, the more saving we get

I just received IMR R2 Aten and it is simply amazing. i have been poisoned by the brand will be getting RAH as well

For more info :
Planet Movies & TV / Re: Boycott Mulan
« Last post by AndrewC on Today at 08:30 »
I mean would you boycott a Tom Cruise movie becos you think Scientology is an evil cult? If you dun like Tom Cruise - fine. But dun boycot his movies just becos he is a Scientologist.

I still don't get why you think it's "silly", even if it's merely your opinion. Just curious.

Why wouldn't one boycott a movie with a star who's ideology conflicts with ones own? I certainly wouldn't want to spend money on a movie that ultimately ends up in that artists pocket. Money talks  :)
Blue diamond 3m with box - condition 9/10
Review :

Asking for $600
Keen whatsapp 9 six 8 six 7 two 1 four
Terminated with US plugs
2 pieces available
1.4m and 1.5m


Asking for 80each.
Take both for 150

whatsapp 9 six 8 six 7 two 1 four
Planet FeedBack / Re: Can post video directly from facebook?
« Last post by AndrewC on Today at 08:19 »
Coincidentally, I was looking at this not too long ago as well. There's a mods available that's compatible with X'Place's SMF version;
Planet Movies & TV / Re: Boycott Mulan
« Last post by lonewolf on Today at 08:05 »
Why would it be silly to not want to spend one's own money supporting the views of a commie?

Which is why it is just my opinion. Which you are entitled to disagree of course.

I mean would you boycott a Tom Cruise movie becos you think Scientology is an evil cult? If you dun like Tom Cruise - fine. But dun boycot his movies just becos he is a Scientologist.
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